Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment to Privacy. Kunstmann Spiess Abogados Limitada (hereinafter, “KunstmannSpiess”) is a limited liability company constituted and validly existing under the laws of the Republic of Chile (hereinafter, “Chile”), unique tax roll No. 77.355.404-8 and address at Avenida Alonso de Córdova 5670, office 1401, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile and general email address at

KunstmannSpiess is committed to the correct use, storage and transmission of data of users, customers and visitors (hereinafter, the “Users”) of its page or website (hereinafter, this “Page”) for which we guarantee and We assume all responsibility for the due protection of your privacy.

2. Application of the Privacy Policy . This Policy applies to all information that a User provides to KunstmannSpiess through the Page.

3. About the use, collection and processing of data . In order to provide Users with relevant information available on the Page, KunstmannSpiess, KunstmannSpiess may have to request, receive, store and process personal data owned by the User. The User’s data will be used for the following purposes:

(a) Protect the rights of Users and KunstmannSpiess.

(b) Improve the services of the KunstmannSpiess Page.

(c) Prevent fraud, abuse and any other conduct that constitutes a Corrupt Practice, and comply with the legal obligations that KunstmannSpiess has to provide you with information on the use of your personal data.

(d) Disseminate announcements related to the development of new regulations applicable in Chile or abroad; express an opinion on matters pertaining to our practices and knowledge, advertise our legal and business advisory services, interact with the User through communication platforms specially provided for this purpose, allow them to interact with other registered Users and verified identities, and give them access to documents and proprietary information of the User and that corresponds to professional matters entrusted to our management or legal support.

The collection and processing of data by KunstmannSpiess will only take place when the User has given his consent, or when KunstmannSpiess is forced to do so by law enforcement or other regulatory authority. In the case of consensual data collection and processing, the User shall have the right to refuse the request of KunstmannSpiess. In these cases, KunstmannSpiess reserves the right to block or suspend the services of the KunstmannSpiess Page, by virtue of its obligations as a legal professional and endowed with the privilege of confidentiality and professional secrecy in accordance with the applicable regulations in Chile.

The User will have the right, at all times, to object or withdraw their consent for certain types of processing or sending of information. To do this, the User must send an email to stating their willingness to be removed from any information distribution list or their consent for their consensually provided personal data to continue to be processed by name. Likewise, in the case of advertising, the possibility of withdrawing their consent will be offered to the User in each commercial communication that they receive via

Also, in some cases, KunstmannSpiess may be required to inadvertently send you electronic information markers or “cookies” to facilitate or improve your operation and use of the Site, or verify your identity or location. The User may refuse to receive or to be sent these files, but in such a case, the use of the Page could be totally or partially restricted. Also, within the framework of the use of the Page, KunstmannSpiess may use technologies similar to those of cookies to monitor use or to learn more and better about the User, their interests, pages browsed, their traffic patterns and behavior. The User is authorized to control the use of cookies and similar technologies, configuring the respective Internet browser. You may also request the deletion of advertising email broadcast records as indicated below.

The personal data that KunstmannSpiess collects or processes may have to be disclosed to third parties legitimately authorized for this purpose or confirmed with other entities, to collect more information to verify the identity of the User or to comply with the law.

4. Forms of information collection . KunstmannSpiess collects information from
Users by the following means and occasions:

(a) When the User requests his registration to obtain information from the Page conditioned to this compliance.
(b) When making use of the KunstmannSpiess Page, by providing information, or for access to services specially provided for registered Users.

(c) By requesting KunstmannSpiess to other reliable institutions for further information to verify the identity of the User.
(d) By developing KunstmannSpiess User profiles based on information provided by third parties through marketing studies, techniques and statistical and segmentation procedures that allow customizing the offer of legal advice services appropriate to the characteristics and needs of its Users.

Additionally, in certain cases it may happen that the Page includes links that redirect Users to third party electronic sites. If this is the case, KunstmannSpiess will have no responsibility for the collection of information carried out by third parties or the privacy policy of said electronic sites.

5. Storage of Collected Information . KunstmannSpiess does not have proprietary servers and all the information collected from its Users is stored on servers leased indirectly from GTD SA through Mediaflog Limitada. Additionally, KunstmannSpiess systems work based on “cloud” services provided by Microsoft, Inc. Therefore, the data may be physically located outside of Chile.

6. Data transmission . KunstmannSpiess is empowered to share the User’s data with its employees or contractual employees who provide functions linked to the KunstmannSpiess Page, and to transfer the User’s personal data to the following entities, if applicable:

(a) Regulators and Authorities. It corresponds to the administrative and judicial authorities that, in the exercise of their functions and within the framework of their competence, require information from KunstmannSpiess in order to: (i) collaborate in the investigation of illegal acts linked to the use of the KunstmannSpiess Page; (ii) deliver information required in the framework of other legal proceedings; and (iii) comply with applicable law.

(b) Service Providers that Allow the Operation of the Page. They correspond to third parties outside of KunstmannSpiess, which this entity hires directly or through Mediaflog Limitada to provide a service aimed at improving the functioning of the KunstmannSpiess Page. The providers provide their services in accordance with the instructions and supervision of KunstmannSpiess or
Mediaflog, depending on who their counterparty is.

KunstmannSpiess will only transmit to the aforementioned persons and institutions that essential information so that they can comply with their obligations and prohibits any use other than this. The foregoing includes international data transfers to third countries or international organizations, if applicable. KunstmannSpiess will deploy its best efforts so that all data is treated with absolute confidentiality and in a secure manner, not being accessible to third parties for purposes other than those for which they have been authorized.

In no case will KunstmannSpiess sell, lease or negotiate with third parties the User’s personal data that allows him to be identified except in the ways and cases established in this Policy.

KunstmannSpiess may transfer personal data to a judge, administrative or police authority, similar authorities of a third country or international organization, complying with security standards and only in cases where it is obliged to do so by forced compliance with an applicable law in Chile or abroad.

In the case of KunstmannSpiess clients, they must bear in mind that they are assisted in their communications with KunstmannSpiess by the legal protection of professional secrecy that is granted in favor of lawyers in accordance with the applicable law in Chile.

7. Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition of Personal Data . The User may at any time request information from KunstmannSpiess about the personal data that it keeps about him, request the cancellation of its storage or oppose the use of these. Likewise, the User has the right to and is obliged to rectify data when they are erroneous, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete, in compliance with the provisions of the law.

To do this, the User must request it by sending an email from the account they have registered with KunstmannSpiess to

KunstmannSpiess reserves the right to request additional documents, in case of not being certain of the identity of the User who sends the respective request.

8. Protection and Storage of Personal Data . All personal information that the User provides to KunstmannSpiess is transmitted through its non-proprietary systems, protecting and encrypting it.

Once the information is received, it is stored on servers or support media that meet the highest security standards.

The personal data of the Users will be kept for the time strictly necessary for the purposes of the treatment for the use of which they have been requested and provided, provided that the User has not revoked their consent and, in any case, following the principle of minimization of data and economics of storage and energy. In any case, the following criteria will determine the duration of data storage: (i) legal obligation of conservation by virtue of the financial provisions; (ii) validity of any contract entered into between KunstmannSpiess and the User –eg, contract for legal advisory services-; (iii) request from the deletion of data by the User.

Consequently, when its use is not necessary, personal data will be blocked, remaining only available to the competent authorities during the time and for the legal purposes established by law. After this period, the information will be deleted.

9. Liability . KunstmannSpiess has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to maintain the required level of security, depending on the nature of the personal data processed and the circumstances of the processing, in order to avoid, as far as possible and always depending on the state of the technique, its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, KunstmannSpiess will not be liable for damages or losses that may arise from the violation of said measures by third parties that use public networks or the Internet to access User information or in cases where there has been fault or negligence of the User.

For his part, the User is responsible for providing true, accurate and precise information. KunstmannSpiess may suspend or block the services of the Page in case of having well-founded suspicions or verifying that the information provided by the User is false, inaccurate or imprecise. The foregoing, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in accordance with the law.

KunstmannSpiess will never request information from minors, since they do not have the legal capacity to use the services of the KunstmannSpiess Page.

10. Access to Telephone Contacts . KunstmannSpiess will not be able to access the
contact list of the mobile device used by a User unless, if applicable, KunstmannSpiess expressly requests it in advance. KunstmannSpiess will use this information solely to locate and indicate cell phone numbers and/or email addresses of other Users. In turn, Users acknowledge that they are authorized to share said information with Kunstmann Spiess if they choose to deliver it.

In relation to Potential Users, KunstmannSpiess will not store names, postal addresses, bank details, identity card numbers and/or identity documents, or any other information that allows a person to be identified or identifiable. It will only store cell phone numbers and emails, if applicable and with your proper authorization.

11. Queries and complaints channel . The User may make any query or claim regarding the aspects of this Policy or any other related to their personal data directly to

12. Modifications . KunstmannSpiess may, at any time, modify this Policy due to new requirements established by law. Any change in this Policy will be reported to the User through their email and directly through the Page. In the same way, consent to the new Policy will be requested, if necessary.